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 Car of the Season

SD Motors; associate partner of the Indian Society of New Era Engineers will take this obligation to acquire approval on the commercial production of the Car of the Season of CARe 2018.

 CARe Launch Nov 2nd, 2017

Indian Society of New Era Engineers is all set to launch its brand new design challenge “CARe”. It’s a competition where the engineering students are challenged to design and fabricate an electrci car capable of accommodating 4 passangers. Mission 2030 of Indian Government inspires ISNEE to introduce CARe. India recently declared that only electric vehicles would be sold by the year 2030 in order to eradicate the vehicles running on fossil fuels completely and promote the green mobility. Indian Society of New Era Engineers is working as a platform where students can showcase their skills in the field of electric technology.

 Career with CARe

It's not mere a design challenge rather it is a vision; the vision to cater need of the future. Apart from presenting the society a more reliable and economical electric car CARe focuses to provide the cream layer of the competition to automobile industry. As of now two industries (Speedways Electric and SD Motors) that fabricate commercial electric vehicles have agreed to conduct the recruitment driver in the final round of CARe. Our team is in process to make this count huge.
 Posted on 30 Oct 2017

 Registration for First Season of CARe starts from Nov 15th, 2017

Team registration for the first season of CARe will start from Nov 15th, 2017. ISNEE has declared that only 20 teams will be able to registered in the competition on first come first serve basis. Click here to download the rules of the competition.
 Posted on 30 Oct 2017