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1- What is CARe?

CARe is a design competition for students in which they are challenged to design a four-seater electric car.

2- Do I need to build a car for this competition?

Yes, teams will need to manufacture the car for this competition.

3- What is the scope of the car once it's manufactured?

ISNEE has collaborated with SD Motors for the patent and commercial production of selected designs from the competition.

4- Where can I find the electric kit (motor, controller and other electrical accessories) to be used in the car?

India is growing huge electric vehicles market and the electric kit to be used in the car is easily available in India. Also, the same can be purchased from SD Motors on subsidized rates.

5- Is there any limit on the number of teams participating in the competition?

Yes, only 20 teams can register in the first season of the competition.

6- Will there be any workshop or any seminar for the design of the car?

Yes, the workshop will be conducted immediately after the registrations.

7- Will there be any placement opportunity in the competition?

Yes, there will be the placement drive conducted in the final round of the competition. As of now below mentioned companies will be recruiting-
  • SD Motors
  • Speedways Electric

8- Are there any fees involved other than registration fee?

No, there is only one time registration fee after which no fees will be taken.

9- What is the minimum and maximum number of members a team can have?

A team can have 5-20 team members in it.

10- Is there any membership required to participate in the competition?

No membership is required to participate in CARe.