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About Us

Mission 2030 of Indian Government inspires us to introduce CARe. India recently declared that only electric vehicles would be sold by the year 2030 in order to eradicate the vehicles running on fossil fuels completely and promote the green mobility. Indian Society of New Era Engineers is working as a platform where students can showcase their skills in the field of electric technology. Hence giving a hand in improving the degraded environmental condition.
"CARe" is the love that ISNEE has for the environment and passion for automotives. It's not mere a design challenge rather it is a vision; the vision to cater need of the future. CARe is a challenge to design and fabricate an electric car that can take over in Indian Automobile Market. Keeping the expectations of Indians market one is challenged to design an electric car that is economic, reliable, good at mileage, less charging time.

About isnee

"Indian Society of New Era Engineers", associate member of The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India and Affiliate Sanctioning Body of SFI Foundation Inc, USA is an organization working for the development of technology by making the budding engineers a comprehensive expert even before they enter their professional career.
We make a bridge, which connects the imagination of students to real engineering. Teams working on a project, learn to research, develop and manage various things not only related to project but also various real life experiences which transforms a student in to a professional, confident enough to knock the doors of industry, that ensures the future of country is bestowed upon the shoulders of young professionals and that is what our aim is.